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2-in-1 Large Sand Anchor Dry Bag 30L, 75LB Double Shoulder Straps, 32FT Nylon Rope, 2 Carabiners & EVA Buoy - Used As Weighted Sandbag Or Waterproof Sack - Complete With Waterproof Mobile Cover

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Your KLOX portable sand anchor & dry bag is designed with kayaks, canoes, surfboards, light motorized watercrafts, small boats, jetskis & sea doos in mind. Comes complete with 2 removable double shoulder straps for added convenience.


Using your yellow sand anchor bag is as easy as filling the bag with sand or rocks and pushing out any excess air. Once filled with sand, it weighs 75+ lbs (34+ kg) which allows for stable anchoring without floating away.


The sandbag is made of heavy duty 500D PVC material & comes with a black braided nylon anchor rope 10 meters (32’) long & 1cm (0.4”) thick, 2 stainless steel carabiners with screw locks to avoid the rope or bag slipping out, a durable EVA yellow buoy 10x7.5cm (4”x3”).


Included in this offer is a waterproof mobile bag 22x10cm 8.5”x4”) made of thin PVC material so you can still use the phone's touchscreen even while in the bag.


Your 2-in-1 yellow waterproof sandbag anchor/dry bag 70x25cm 27.5”x9.8”) can hold up to 34kg (75lbs) of sand weight. Also great for use as a dry bag and a fillable anchor weights for pool steps.



This smartly designed heavy duty PVC material sand anchor is lightweight but strong so that when the bag is filled with sand it is heavy enough to act as an anchor for your kayak or paddleboard. The bag also serves as a stand-alone waterproof bag that comes with 2 removable double straps which makes for comfortable use of the product as a drybag to protect your clothes, devices and personal items while hiking and camping.


Heavy Duty


Your watertight bag is constructed with heavy duty PVC material that can be filled with enough sand (up to 75+ lbs) that it prevents your kayak from drifting yet it is light enough to easily take out of the water. The rustproof stainless steel carabiners clip securely with a screw lock and easily clips to the boat and anchor. It is easy to empty and rinse clean when done using. It folds and rolls nicely for storage.


Rope and Buoy Included


This KLOX bag comes packaged with a 10 meter long, 1 cm thick black braided nylon anchor rope, 2 stainless steel carabiners and a yellow EVA material buoy (a soft, flexible plastic with low-temperature toughness and stress crack resistance) to mark anchor location.


Waterproof Mobile Bag


Included in this excellent deal is this waterproof bag that can be used for small personal items such as mobile phones, wallets, cash and credit cards. It is perfect for when you go swimming, rafting, camping and skiing.


High Visibility


Your yellow waterproof bag was constructed with a high visibility color that allows it to stand out and be easily visible and accessible in the water.


What's Included?


·         1 x 500D PVC Waterproof Sandbag Anchor / Dry Bag

·         2 x Removable Heavy Duty Shoulder Straps

·         1 x 10 Meter Long & 1 cm This Anchor Rope

·         2 x Stainless Steel Carabiners With Screw Locks

·         1 x Durable EVA Buoy

·         1 x Waterproof Mobile Bag

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